The Douglas Fir that started this endeavor.

Let me first say that this project wouldn’t of happened without the support and hard work of my wife and daughter.  They really picked up the slack, did many tasks that are normally my responsibility, and were very understanding of the long process.

This began as a bad event having a 5.5ft diameter tree at the base land on our house so I decided to revive the old family tools, talk to my wife’s Uncle Charlie about a bandsaw, and get out OJ Cullom’s old sign to make a place to process the logs.

I knew we would have a lot of extra logs that were too good for firewood after the logging company’s hot shot fellers left.  A lot of these were danger trees had laminated root rot, so processing and moving them all nearly 800 feet was challenging.

Here is my great grandfathers machine  shop in Kelso. Later they opened up a lumber mill in Vader, Wa. which burned to the ground in the 1950s.   The red and yellow sign I believe was from that mill or was not installed at the time.   I will scan and upload some of the original paperwork when I have a chance.

Otto Jay Culloms Machine Shop in South Kelso.  It is where an Auto Body Shop is located now.

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